Facebook Doesn’t Like Me

Congratulations to me, for some reason I am an inmate in Facebook Jail. The original sentence was a “work release” program in which I could still post on my page but could not participate in groups and “pages” for 20 days. Well….. I decided to post a picture of the notification on my profile and criticize the Facebook Gods for their abuse of power.

I guess that is now against the community rules, because I am now 100% in Facebook Jail without a get out of jail free card. About the only thing I can do is to message my friends. I am sure that is an oversight.

Word to the wise? Do not share opinions on Facebook, including opinions of what should be done to convicted mass murders who shoot up schools and shopping malls. These people have more rights on Facebook than you do.

I am not really sure what Facebook adds to my life other than a headache. May be time to re-evaluate.

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