Day 8 – Houma, Livingston, Baton Rouge, and 13 more locations

Today we covered another area that I have not visited before. Well, have driven through on I-10 but never had occasion to get off the highway.

I said good morning to the world as I crossed over the swamp bridges on I-10 and I-55 North.

Headed to Richmond, then Livingston, then on to Walker, and then down into Baton Rouge.

Finally headed across the Mississippi down to Iberville Parish for some residential claims.

And then back up to Donaldson before heading to New Orleans.

Today was a good exercise in creative scheduling for the coordinator that I work with when I am traveling because I finished a commercial claim way ahead of schedule and was done with planned claims at 10:30 this morning. Ooops. She scrambled fast and was able to fill the rest of my day with some harder to get to claims.

So, headed back along I-10. Still want to know why I-10 eastbound is closed to truck traffic and they are taking it very seriously. Headed back over the swamp bridges.

Back Eastbound across swamp bridges

And did my usual stop at City Park for my evening run.

Tomorrow most likely will not be a workout day as I need an off-day every week, and tomorrow is going to most likely be it as I hopefully am going to have dinner with a co-worker that I have never met who is staying in the same hotel I am.

Well, anyways, here are some pictures from City Park this evening. Enjoy.

See ya ‘all tomorrow.

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