Day 4 – Kenner, Des Allemands, Metairie, and 9 more locations

Today was a VERY busy day. Started off at 7:00am this morning on the other side of New Orleans from my hotel. Evaluated a solar panel system. Then moved on with my day.

Day 4 Travels

Was ahead of schedule all day until we had a technician have a family emergency and have to leave the area and go home. So, we mixed in his remaining claims with mine and I ended up with a few extra claims near the end of the day.

A couple of interesting claims today that I will share a few pictures from. First, the power of the storm is here. It takes a lot to tear apart a block construction building. Once it happens anything under that block construction is history. I guess I found the one thing that can stop a Trane (and a Carrier and a Goodman and another Trane). Lots of work to be done here.

One of the other things that I do enjoy about what I do is that I can sometimes find things that are totally un-related to the storm, the reason I am looking at a system, and sometimes I can solve a long term mystery during my inspections. For example, when you do a 180 degree short turn with flex duct the inside of the ductwork acts like a slinky and collapses. Once that happens airflow is restricted to the room that it is feeding. If you are an installer, don’t be this guy, if you are a homeowner and have a room that is just not cooling properly, may want to look for sharp turns in your ductwork. Crawling around an attic can save you 100’s in power bills.

Don’t do this!

Once I finished my last claim, it ended up being 15 total today, thank God that I have two great coordinators that do my scheduling for me or this would never work. I was passing near Bridge City, LA and decided it was a great time to get some pictures. The LA 90 bridge over the Mississippi at Bridge City has a very long railway bridge that takes the trains up to the bridge level at the between the two directions of travel, and then does the same thing on the other side.

I really wanted to get a good picture of the center of the bridge but there were too many planes in the area and first rule of flying a drone is stay out of the way of commercial traffic. They 100% have right of way.

Here are some pictures from this area.

Each of the pictures below can be clicked into for a full 360 degree panoramic / virtual view. Click into it and look around with your mouse of looking up and down with your phone.

And as I am back in the hotel and have an early morning tomorrow (long drive to first claim) I will say “Talk to you all tomorrow.” Good Night.

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