Day 5 – Grand Isle and 3 other locations

Day 5 Travels

Today took me further into Hurricane Ida country with a trip to Grand Isle. I am so mad at myself for walking out of the hotel this morning without taking my drone with me because I really wanted to see if I could get some good pictures down there. But, I think I probably wouldn’t have been able to fly anyways as the wind was ridiculous and gusty.

Grand Isle is a really great area, here are some pictures of the approach, but has seen the worst of the storm damage out of any area I have been to on any of these trips.

Here are some pictures that can give you an idea.

And when water mixes with electrical bad things happen.

And a virtual view of some of the destroyed areas.

And then I had my drive back to the hotel. I do work tomorrow (Saturday) but will be off on Sunday. I am going to attempt to have a quiet evening here in the hotel, but may have to spend an hour with a technician that is staying nearby and see if I can solve his software issues.

Anyways, “See you all tomorrow.”

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