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January 31, 2022 – Travel Day – FL to VA

Today was the first day of travel for this weeks road trip that will take me up the East Coast into New York.

Travels for January 31, 2022

As I did have some extra time, as well as trying to make sure I take breaks from my driving, I did spend a few extra minutes at or near each stat’s welcome center with my drone. You will see a pattern. But, as read, if you are interested click into each picture with the VR and move the picture around. If you are one of the lucky ones with VR goggles you can click the VR on the picture and get a full screen virtual experience as well. Enjoy.

Started off near my house in Babson Park, FL on my way out of the neighborhood. The first pictures are directly over the Webber University soccer fields.

Then I moved onto I-4 and onto I-95 at Daytona Beach. Stopped at the Bucky’s there for a cup of coffee and some other important things (like a restroom).

Moving on North to the Florida / Georgia state line.

Then Georgia / South Carolina state line

Then the South Carolina / North Carolina state line. I think this is the tackiest exit on I-95 given the South of the Border tourist trap.

Moved on North to Virginia, it was too late for me to stop for any more drone pictures, I do not fly at night unless I have seen the area during the daylight hours. It is way too easy to hit a power line or antenna guy-wire when you can’t see anything. I made it to my hotel just South of Richmond for the night. Tomorrow will be about a 6 hour drive to my first New York State destination.

Good Night all!

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