You are currently viewing Day 4 –  Meraux, New Orleans, and Kenner
Day 4 - Meraux, New Orleans, and Kenner.

Day 4 – Meraux, New Orleans, and Kenner

Today brought rain. Then more drizzle. Then temps dropping close to 20 degrees between my first inspection and the last one. Then more rain. But we have ways to deal with the rain.

Day 4 Travels

Today was pretty much spent North of the river. Had to do one bridge today, which is not bad in the grand scheme of things. Took me longer today because of the rain and the temperatures. In the process my car hit 100,000 miles. It had it’s 100th birthday.

Just a reminder to all of you with hot water heaters that sit next to your washer/dryer: Lint is flammable, in the right conditions lint will burn faster than gasoline. This is not a good idea.

Not a trash can

This evening our temps are supposed to go down to close to freezing. It is a real possibility that tomorrow morning will bring freezing rain and ice. We will have to see what tomorrow looks like. Tomorrow is final day of claims and then I am going to head home.

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