Day 9 – Across the Lake


Today started with an hour and a half drive North. Back across the 25 mile long causeway, across the Lake an North of Covington, LA. I was running way early when I got across the lake so I decided to stop at Home Cheapo and take a look at a few tools.

I then decided to stop and see what type of sunrise pictures I could capture with the drone. Glad I did because some of them were pretty neat. As always, here is the collection. These are un-edited.

And of course a few panoramic shots because for me these are the best.

I don’t often do 180 degree panoramic views, but here is one.

The rest of the day had absolutely no excitement. I didn’t have time to stop for more photography, but it was a good day overall. Came back to the hotel room and went and spent 30 minutes on the treadmill, first run in about a week. Have to slowly pick up my distance again, all the blisters from the new sneakers (the ones I am returning) are gone and the other sneakers I wore on the treadmill today seem to do better.

Note to self: NEVER buy sneakers from Amazon, it is not the same quality you will find in the stores.

Anyways, good night and I will talk to you all tomorrow.

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