For the last three days I have been running through the crowds around Lake Wales during my daily run. The lake is never this crowded with tents and everything else. How was I to know that this is Pioneer Days weekend. Happens once a year but for some reason no one ever tells anyone when it is going to be, unless you live or work in town. It is one of those great mysteries of the world.

Anyways, I decided to finish my run and then go visit the chaos and see what was going on. They actually had several neat things along the way. Enjoy some pictures.

Pioneer Days are held in Lake Wales Park along the shores of Lake Wails. There is a central area along under the trees where the vendors and booths setup. If you click into the above picture you can move around and get a 360 view.

One of my favorite parts of the event was the old engine driven tools. There is a group that displays every year named, “Florida Flywheel Association” and this group maintains and operates these tools. All of this equipment in modern days would require electricity. These old tools made life happen before electricity.

Some of them deserved a video to go along with the pictures.

Water Pump
Workbench – Drill, Sander, and Grinding Wheel
Air Compressor

Moving on around the world of old stuff. How many of you wished for this toy collection growing up? These are all metal toys that you cannot find anymore because plastics have taken over.

And then we move into the land of the vendors, food, beer, wine, icee’s, etc.

And, I will leave you with some additional pictures that I have not included above. Enjoy.

There was more, but it was about to rain and I needed to get out of there.