Day 6 – Donaldsonville, Paulina, Vacherie, Westwego, and New Orleans, LA

And today was an easy day, lot’s of driving but I got to see some new and interesting scenery. It was something I wish I had more time to explore. Maybe some other day for that.

Day 6 Travels

I started my day with a drive West along I-10 to Donaldsonville, then crossed the river a few times on my way back South of New Orleans and then a loop back to the hotel.

I did spend a few minutes in Donaldsonville and put the drone up and got a few decent pictures. I love this area probably the best out of any of the areas I have visited on this trip so far.

Did you know that Donaldsonville at one time was the capital of Louisiana? It apperently didn’t last long due to problems with the “new” state house, but it was the center of it all for a little bit. Then they moved back to New Orleans.

The following few pictures are 360 degree panorama’s. If you click into them you can look around. Both are roughly the same area but one was taken at 100′ above ground level and the other at 395′ above ground level. Two very different views.

Picture above at 100′. Picture below at just under 400′ (my legal limit with a drone).

After I was done with my claims today it was time to slip into my “coaching” role for some of our contractor technicians. I met up with one and his apprentice to deal with some app issues, fix a few problems, and provide some training. I always try and take the technicians I meet up with while on the road out to dinner as a thank you for what they do.

Anyways, I am back at my hotel, finished with my daily post, and I will see you all tomorrow.

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