Day 1: Good Morning America

Today is Day 1 of my next road trip. This morning I left Florida and headed West along one of the most boring roads in America, that’s right, I-10. Destination, New Orleans, Louisiana. This time I will be gone for a little over two weeks before I head home.

Yes, we are buried with Hurricane Ida claims and it is “all hands on deck”. Of course, just because I was traveling today does not mean that I could ignore the office as I was just about the only technical field manager not doing inspections today. So, about every 30 minutes I had to take a quick break from driving so that I could answer what we call “TFM Tags”, these are decisions on cause of loss or technical questions that must be answered by a Technical Field Manager. There are four of us, and my co-worker that is normally in the office for this has been in the field as I couldn’t travel last week. Anyways, it took me about two hours longer to make the drive to my hotel.

Traffic was not bad, and I only started to see damage the closer to the hotel I got. The hotel is currently barely operational with a skeleton staff of four people. Apparently the rest of their workforce has been displaced by hurricane damage.

Today’s Travel’s

I can’t help but think of Arlo’s “City of New Orleans” every time I make this drive. I usually end up playing it and going down the YouTube rabbit hole because of it.

See you all tomorrow…..

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