Day 17 – Homeward Bound

And today was a travel day. It was time to head home to Jesse and The Pack. I woke up way early knowing I had to make this drive and got on the road around 3:30am CDT. I arrived home right after 4:15pm EDT. Hit some traffic along the way, saw very few State Troopers in any state. As usual I-75 in Florida was a disaster zone, thankfully on the Northbound side.

Final tally for this trip:
– 103 Inspections Completed
– Over 230 actual systems checked
– 3,556 miles driven

Started off before sunrise this morning, but had to do a gas and food stop early in the day and decided to put the drone up to capture the sunrise (or pre-sunrise). Enjoy some of the pictures attached. These were taken near Pensacola, FL.

And, I also did a few full 360 degree panoramic shots as well. I still like these the best. Click into them and if on a phone turn around, tilt up, tilt down, etc. If on a laptop/desktop click into them and use your mouse.

Then stopped at the Florida Welcome Center and took some neat pics from the ground. Some of them turned out neat with the fighter model and the sunrise.

Some day I need to visit this and get permission to put the drone up and get a top view of this jet. This lighting was perfect.

Res wanted to make sure I didn’t miss out petting him.

And, finally made it home. The pack was sort of excited to have me home. They all got an extra treat after dinner.

Now I am going to relax. Have a good night everyone! Thanks for being my guest on my most recent road trip. I will be home all next week in Florida before we decide what’s next.

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