Day 3 – Kenner, Destrehan, Luling, and more

Day 3 was another loop and finished off with a trip across the Mississippi. The good news was that I beat the rainstorm. The bad news was that I ended up in the rainstorm when I went shopping after work.

My first appointment had Halloween explode in the front yard. I thought it was sort of neat. Inside was a wet disaster from the roof being damaged in Ida.

And then I started to move on with my day. Here is an example of the results of Ida.

But, slowly, every time I am in the area things seem to be getting better and better. The piles are disappearing, the roofs are slowly getting repaired and construction is happening all over the place. I am still having a combination of claims that should be paid, and some that are “questionable.”

So, after I finished my day, got back to the hotel room and pulled my boots off. They started to fall apart. Time for new boots. These were about 20 years old, so I guess they served their life out. For some other reasons they will probably go into my closet for a while before they get thrown out. Let’s just say one of my greyhounds went through a leather phase and I do not have much left from her.

Anyways, good night all, I will talk with you tomorrow.

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