Day 4 – Chalmette, Destrehan, Hahnville, LA

Day 4 Travels

Saturday, a light day of work. Left the hotel around 7:00am this morning, started off with a commercial rooftop vandalism claim. Nothing was gone or broken. That was easy. Win! I may get done early.

Moved on to my second claim. They were thrilled I was early. No issues. In and out. Early. Used one of my favorite tools, every HVAC/R tech and electrician should have one, Infrared Camera. Makes it easy to see hot, cold, and leakage. Can also spot overheated wires, breakers, etc. I use pretty much on a daily basis.

Infrared Camera looking at Supply Register

When looking at the supply register in the above picture the black is the coldest place in the register, that is the center where the cool air is blowing out. Then it gets slightly warmer in the blue shades around the center. Those two areas are normal. Now, the red and the yellow is in the wrong order. Red is extremely warm. Yellow is normal for a warmer ceiling. The red that is showing is a lack of insulation and this is attic air entering the house. This is a tremendous source of heat gain in a house. Heat gain is the opposite of air conditioning. It also allows humidity in.

Think the rest of the day went that well? No. I was now running two hours ahead of schedule. Nope, the schedule God’s did not approve. My third appointment, “we are home but the appointment is at 12pm and we want your appointment to be at 12pm.” Great, now what to do with two hours?

Explore City Park. I have heard of it but have never been. So, I went and walked around the park, the lakes, and some of the bike trails for two hours. Got my six miles in. Next!

Went to my third appointment, then got to my fourth. That was done pretty easily as well. And, once again I find myself two hours ahead of schedule. Ask the office to call my last appointment to see if I could get in early? Nope. She is busy and has some sort of appointment. My 4pm stays at 4pm. I had driven by it already and knew she was home. So, I am close enough to my hotel I decide to go do my evening run a bit early, and then go back to the hotel and wait for the appropriate time to go do the inspection.

Only got in 3 miles of my run. It started raining and cut my run short. Back to hotel, cleaned up, and had a cup of coffee and then went and did inspection. Took 20 minutes. And, yes, insured was home but her “attorney advised her not to let us come early.” OK……

Day is done… well, had dinner (Chicken Taco Salad, minus the Taco’s). Now to hang out and veg in front of the TV and computer for rest of evening.

Tomorrow is not a work day. I only take urgent or problem child claims on Sunday’s. So, tomorrow I am going to go visit some friends here in New Orleans. The one in the morning to go check out her hurricane damage and see if I can do anything to help. I also want to see her dogs. She has a daughter of our Raven, and I have never met her. Then tomorrow afternoon I am going to go visit another greyhound friend and see her pack. Looking forward to both.

I did want to put the drone up this evening because I think the lights around here are really interesting, and would make some good drone shots. But, once again rain. So, you get an evening view out of a window. Maybe one of these days we will have “non-rain”.

A look outside hotel window
Evening View

Talk with all y’all tomorrow.

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