Day 14 – Last day in Arlington

Not going to post too much about today, no travels, and just a few pictures. Started off the day with an 8.5 mile run in Fishcreek Park, really great linear trail and it was a nice cool run. Awesome way to start my day.

Then spent the rest of the day with family. Had some really great conversations, including a few that I needed to have because it helped me put some of my feelings together on a number of subjects surrounding my prior work in education, and connect it to what I am doing today.

Got to learn more about by nephew and niece, as well as their wives and husbands, and got to have some great conversation.

Young Love – Just Married

And that was about it today, great day, but I am so ready to get home to Jesse, The Pack, and my nice quiet corner of Florida. I am NOT a city boy at heart, nice to visit, but so not interested in living in the metroplex.

And all too soon it was time to leave. Did pictures with the family (why is everyone so short?)

I promise I will not let it go 20 years until I visit again.

Talk to you all tomorrow.

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