Day 3 – Hahnville and Destrehan, LA

Not a busy day with travel, but a busy day with equipment. Started off the day with what we call a “large loss” claim, that is one that has the potential to be a large payout from the insurance company and needs special attention. Usually it is handled by one of the four Technical Field Managers or one of our more reliable and accurate technicians.

Day 3 Travels

Today’s adventure was a 51 unit apartment building. Someone may have forgotten to mention to us that there was structural damage and there was no power in most of the units. And, the units with power were sort of dangerous to turn anything on. Anyway’s got that inspection done early. Had to wait a few minutes for the awesome support people in the office to get my into my next appointment early and then find a final appointment to round the day out.

The sign of progress (believe it or not)

I like being able to add additional appointments, each extra claim I do helps one more person get to a final resolution of their claim. They may not like the outcome, in the case of my extra claim today I can bet they won’t, but at least they will know and have an answer. That is sort of why I like what I do. We help people move fairly through the process.

So much destruction. People are telling me this is worse than Katrina.

So, let’s see today I inspected: 52 air condition split systems, and one refrigerator. Yes, I look at the appliances as well. They are easy.

Tomorrow is Saturday, but I will be working a full day. When I am traveling I want to keep busy and get as much accomplished as possible. I can take time off when I get back.

See you all tomorrow.

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