Day 2: Houma, LA

Day 2: Houma, LA

Today was the first day of inspections. Had about 8 claims to look at. All storm damage, lots of wind and water damage, sometimes both. Felt really bad for some people who still have piles of debris and also some people that still have not started demo on the wet material in their houses because they are waiting on their insurance company to schedule the recovery crews like ServPro.

Example of what happens after roof gets blown off. Looking up from kitchen.

There also seem to be pockets of people getting faster service than others based on income levels expected in the neighborhoods. That really is going to be a problem as this stretches out. All of the contractors around are stretched thin. Way too much cleanup and re-construction work for the number of people here.

Then, there were a few sites that annoyed me. How about rations that had been distributed sitting tossed out into the trash heap in front of someone’s house?

Saw something that deserved a closer look
Someone could have used this

Now for my musing? Much of the electrical grid that I have seen damaged is the smart grid technology that got blown off the poles. If there was no smart grid technology hanging on the power poles, which are big sails in the wind, would the recovery of the electrical grid have taken as long? Is it possible that technology that is supposed to make grid recovery faster, actually did more damage?

Smart Grid, Not?
Smart Grid on Ground

Day 2 is done. Back at hotel. Went and spent 30 minutes on treadmill, then went and ran outside for 45 minutes or so, and then dinner and rest.

See you all tomorrow.

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