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February 1, 2022 – Travel Day VA to NY

Today I completed my drive to New York and am spending tonight about 10 miles from my inspection site tomorrow.

Today’s travels took me up through the rest of Virginia, through Washington DC (at rush hour), through Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, and across the Hudson into New York. As I usually try to do I stop at or near every state line and take a look around. I will share with you some pictures below. If you see a VR on the corner of a picture it means you can click into it and look around (these are 360 panoramic images).

Unfortunately, no 360’s from the Washington DC area. Can’t put a drone up in that area as there are severe flight restrictions and no one wants to have that conversation with the FAA or Secret Service. I am told they do not have a sense of humor.

First stop was in Virginia, just North of Richmond area. You can start seeing some of that white stuff along the way.

I really thought that “little island” in the field was neat. There is actually a house in the middle of those trees.

Then next stop was in Maryland (remember, had to skip the DC area).

Then I skipped Delaware (there really was not a good spot to stop in Delaware – short state). Next stop was at the bottom portion of the New Jersey Turnpike, first service area after the Delaware Memorial Bridge.

Included an extra few images in that series, as I was about to get everything packed away I saw a neat looking river, with a dam, that I wanted to get a picture of.

Finally upon arrival in White Plains, in an area just outside of the New York City controlled air space I found some additional neat views.

Had some lighting issues here. The glare was pretty bad coming off of the snow, I may go back out here after dark and see if I can get any decent night shots. Would love to get a few with the lights of the bridge at the river, just not sure where to go for that.

Anyways, that’s it for my travels today. Tomorrow is another day.

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