Day 10 – Houma, Chalmette, and New Orleans

Today was spent in Houma basically with an added side trip to Lacrose. Take a look at this sign I came across in my travels.

Not Lovin’ It

Where yesterday was a smooth day, today was a real exercise in traffic nightmares and waiting for traffic nightmares. Oh, and waiting on insured’s to show up on time for appointments. Makes it very difficult to be on time for the next appointment. I have a 5 minute rule. If I am in my appointment window, I will ask office to call them, and I will wait 5 minutes. After 5 minutes I move on and it will delay their claim because they missed a confirmed appointment.

Anyways, a technical question for those of you that are HVAC/R or Electrical. Is the system connected to this a single phase or three phase system, and what is wrong with this picture.

See the problem?

In Lacrose I came across something that didn’t belong. There was also a tugboat on top of a bridge close by but I could not safely stop to get a picture. Take my word for it.

A fence post with concrete that was on the other side of the house.

Then we had the typical, “a little too much wind” air conditioning damage. You drive down any road in the Houma area and you see these.

Won’t work at a 90 degree angle

Did 10 claims today, and by the end of it I was toast. Traffic and stupidity in traffic stress me out. Comes back to my feeling about those in super big lift trucks. Just saying, if you need a ladder to get into your truck, you are compensating for shortcomings elsewhere. And for God’s sake… Learn how to drive and obey traffic laws. A yellow flashing light means proceed with caution. Do not stop, do not pass go, and do not screw up traffic behind you. If a traffic light has no power everyone has to stop, play nice in the sandbox and let the other people who were their first go. And, a red light means stop. A green light means go. Maybe they just don’t teach this in Louisiana?

OK, so I decided I would stop on my way home and explore the other half of City Park. Had a nice run and am completely de-stressed. The following pictures are from my evening adventure. I still have half that part fo the park to explore. Maybe tomorrow.

One final pictures, panoramic type, for you to enjoy.

Had some pretty great times as well, probably not great times for people not on a recovery curve, but for me, I am happy with them.

Talk with y’all tomorrow.

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