We DO NOT offer a $19.95 Special

That’s right, at Christopher Molnar, LLC we do NOT offer a $19.95 annual tune-up, nor do we offer a $29.95 annual inspection, and we also do not offer a $49.95 67 point air conditioning checkup. We believe our service to our customers is worth more than that. Seriously, how can any company discount their prices that much and have any belief in what they are selling?

The answer is, they can’t! Those discounted prices are called a loss leader. They are willing to take a massive loss on a service to get themselves in your front door. Once they are in your front door they will begin to sell. Soon you will need a capacitor, soon you will need a contactor, soon you will need a duct cleaning, and soon your will need ultraviolet lights and germicidal filters. 

The reality is that you may need a capacitor, but only if it tests out as being out of specification. You may need a contact0r, if it has burn marks or is starting to fail, but the reality is you will never need UV lights, and unless installed properly they can do more harm than good. You will never need a duct cleaning if your filters are good, and in most residential and light commercial germicidal filters are useless.

The pattern for the companies offering the “specials” is to get in your door, gain your confidence, and start selling. Sooner or later they will sell you enough smaller parts that they will convince you to do a full system replacement. Now, that is where the money is.

We believe in service. We believe in craftsmanship and making things last. We do not believe in the disposable society we live in today. We know that equipment that is properly taken care of can last many years, be reliable, safe, and efficient.  We know that the majority of energy savings do not come from the HVAC/R system age but comes from how they are maintained. We know that it costs money to employ good and well trained technicians. We know that we cannot afford to send our managers or technicians out to a customer for a lower cost than our standard price for preventative maintenance.  See, we are honest from the start. We have a book price, occasionally we do run a special if we are slow.  But, we make it clear, we have gaps in our calendar that we need to fill. We will not do a $19.95, 29.95, 59.00 or even a $65.00 inspection special.

We will come and do a professional top to bottom preventative maintenance and cleaning for our standard rate of $85.00 within 25 miles of our office in Polk County, FL. Outside of Polk County please call for pricing, we may surprise you.

Call us at 863-949-0887 to discuss or schedule! We spend most of our time in the field with our customers. If you get voicemail please leave a message.