Day 15 – Galliano, Bourg, Cut Off, and Lockport

Day 15 Travels

Getting near the end of my trip. I can see the light at the end of my dispatch board. Today was all about the Gulf Coast. Lot’s of water and wind damage as this was were Ida made landfall.

Made one relatively major screwup today. I was talking with someone on the phone and clicked the GPS on the wrong claim. Ooops. Ended up doing an inspection that was scheduled for tomorrow. Insured was not very happy as he was in the process of getting rid of the equipment when I showed up. Got to inspect if before it vanished.

Of course the office solved the problem of having an open spot on tomorrows’ schedule. I got two additional inspections for the price of one.

My Average Schedule when traveling

This evening I stopped at City Park again on my way back to the hotel and I did what will probably be my last run there on this trip.

Ran a bit over 7 miles and had a decent pace. I am trying very hard not to overdue it and re-injure the tendon that kept me from running for three years or so. But, anyways once again I am going to miss City Park.

Day 15 Run

This brings it to 116 miles run since the start of this New Orleans trip. Not to shabby.

Anyways, after a Domino’s order of Veggie Sandwich, Wings, and Caesar Salad, I am all set for the day and going to call it a day. Tomorrow will come pretty early as I have an 8am claim about two hours away.

See ya’ tomorrow when I have an EMPTY board.

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