Day 6 – Bourg, Reserve, and New Orleans

Today’s travels for work took me around New Orleans, across the Mississippi and to a few other locations as well. It was actually a nice day. I was able to have a relaxing start of the day, a lot of roof work today which was nice, even thought I had to use my extension ladder a bit, but all went well.

Had 4 claims today, all but one of them were Large Loss claims. The other two were residential. One HVACi claim which was to look at a few split systems, and also a Strikecheck claim to look at a wine cooler, gate opener, and a TV. Yes, I look at appliances and electronics as well for cause of loss evaluations.

I wanted to go do my daily run at City Park but the weather started looking really nasty, and there was lightning reported so came back to hotel and spent a little over an hour on the treadmill. A little over 6 miles later it was time for dinner and then to relax and veg in front of the TV for the rest of the evening after a checkin with Jesse.

Other good news today. I seem to have hit my weight goal of 200 pounds. Now the trick will be to maintain. I am not going to try for lower because I actually feel like I am in the right place right now. That is 35 pounds lost since I started tracking with Weight Watchers, and 65 pounds lost since April.

Goal Met!

I guess that’s it for this evening! See you all tomorrow.

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