Day 13 – Huoma and Cut Off

Day 13 Travels

Started off the day early with an almost two hour drive to South of Cut Off, LA. Long drive down. Was able to stop and get the pictures of that boat that was in the wrong place on my way. I have been told by a few people that this boat belongs up-river a bit and had broken loose from it’s moorings and was blown against the bridge in the hurricane. It is going to have to be salvaged, re-floated, and repaired.

And I did get a panoramic picture that I thought was pretty neat as well.

Occasionally I see something in a system that just makes me go, “What???”. Here is an example, there is no way the hurricane clipped a duct run (collapsing it) under the two linesets that connect the indoor to the outdoor system. A word to all you apprentices learning the trade….. Don’t be this guy. The homeowner had no idea that this is the reason one of their rooms was constantly hot.

Can’t Blame the Hurricane

I have started to use Infrared more and more frequently for duct checks, looking for leaks, as well as proving operation of a system. In this case the center of the area of cold was 56 degrees on an 80 degree ambient temperature and 75 degrees return air. Yes, the system is cooling. Can’t really argue with that.

On my first call I had a great helper puppy. I probably could have trained her to get my tools for me. She was one smart and great natured dog.

My helper pup

She is one spoiled dog.

I came across a few other signs of the hurricane’s strength. This is (or was) a Walgreen’s store.

They have security on the store and are running a temporary pharmacy out of a trailer in the parking lot. Think about where that collapsed. That is exactly where the pharmacy area would be in the store. I really hope it was closed when this happened.

And, once again, Ida did not like McDonald’s.

The Hamburgler Took It!

So, I got done early and came back to the hotel. I was not planning on running today, but I decided to get out and do a combination run/jog/walk just to get some fitness in today.

Monday’s workout

Not my best run, but it was not designed to push the envelope. I was also playing with afternoon traffic, which around here is not the best thing either. Tomorrow I hope to get back over to one of the parks.

Well, that’s all folks! Talk with you tomorrow.

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