Day 11 – Marrero and Kenner, LA with a side trip into NOL

And it is Saturday, good day overall, will be better once my pizza arrives. Yes, early day back to hotel and it is a cheat day for me on food related issues. Been doing too much running (for both work and fitness) to skimp on the calories right now. My mileage of my training is up and I know better than to be only eating 1200 calories per day. Ooops, sidetracked, I will get back to that in a few.

Today’s travels took me to Marrero, Kenner, and New Orleans itself.

Day 11 – Travels

Today was mostly appliances as we had a technician who’s car broke down last week and they moved his entire schedule to today for me. I had one HVAC inspection and that was my last one. But, I got done WAY early, was done by noon.

Today was the first time I have ever had to double mask, put gloves on, show proof of COVID vaccination, and have my temperature taken before I was allowed to even come off the sidewalk and onto the property. Oh, and the insured thought I was going to search through the rubble of a collapsed shed to document that extension cords that he purchased in 1995. Seriously?

Felt bad for the lady who owned the house. I am sure if she would have had power she would have cooked me dinner just for the company. She had been through Katrina and had lost a lot from that, now this is what she has in front of her home from Ida. She also can’t find her cat.

Clean up and demo

When I look at appliances this is sort of what we look at. Have to make a determination if it is hurricane/storm related, or just wear and tear (or improper care). Here are a few samples, what do you think? Remember, the purpose of insurance is to return the policy holder to Pre-Loss conditions. Want to make it clear, this is NOT from the house I referenced above. I know you all can guess on location, but this is from an entirely different property.

And then I went to City Park for a run. This is my favoriate picture of the day. Sometimes when I am running I find a place that it is worth stopping, taking a quick breather, and getting a picture. Especially when I am traveling.

Flowers in City Park

And then because I really like panoramic views, here is a slightly different look. You need to click into the picture on these and use your mouse of phone motions to move around.

And, as they used to say at the end of the Loony Tunes on Saturday morning TV:

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