Day 5 – A Day Off

Today was a day off from work. But, still a busy day. As many of you saw I couldn’t sleep this morning past like 4:30am and decided to go out and launch the drone to get some city light shots of South New Orleans. Click on the link to view this page.

Since I was already up I decided to go be an overachiever and go for my morning run at City Park, New Orleans. I really like that park and it was awesome as the sun was coming up.

Sunrise over City Park
City Park Track

Got my six miles in and my times are looking better and better.

Morning Workout

Now I was ready to start day. Dropped laundry at the laundry mat and went out to visit a friend who’s house was severely damaged by the storm. I wanted to take a look at her ductwork and air conditioning system and make sure that she knew exactly what needed to be done, and what didn’t.

Tree that fell on house

The tree that fell took out the garage and storage room roof. Thankfully it did not take out the main house roof, though it did to some serious structural damage. For privacy reasons I am not posting much more of the external house pictures, but currently, blue tarp covers a lot of evils.

First stop was air handler and ductwork. Air handler on oposite side of house from the damage and fully operational. Ductwork, well, she got incredibly lucky because they do not make ductwork like she has anymore. Sheet metal ductwork, great construction, external insulation. Insulation needs change, but sheet metal ductwork is the best. If you have it, don’t mess with it. Re-insulate, clean, and move on.

Air Handler and Sheet Metal Ductwork
Sheet Metal Ductwork

Next we check operation of the outdoor unit. Pressures, amperages, and condition. All look awesome. No issues found.

Then we go inside and check temperature splits and cooling power (load). This we can compare to the rated output of the unit. With all the grills missing getting close to 60,000 btu/hr for a rated 5 ton unit you can’t ask for much better. Once all the grills are put back on following construction this will be perfect.

Temperatures and cooling loads

Then a quick Infrared image of each register in the house tells me the rest of the story. There are some slight temperature differences based on distance from the air handler, but again there is no resistance because a number of registers are not on the ducts or sealed. This will get significantly better at completion. But, there is enough here, and things are close enough, that we do not have a tun of air leakage and the sheet metal ductwork is intact.

Infrared of one Supply grill

And, now it is time to go visit her greyhounds. One of them is the daughter of Raven, the oldest of our pack.

Two good dogs

After visiting for a while, it was time to go around the lake and go visit another friend and her husband. I was bad and didn’t get any pictures, but it was a good visit. She may have one that if she shares I will add to this post. It was a good picture.

Then it was time to come back to the hotel, pick up my laundry, and call it “done” for the day.

After a drive across the worlds longest bridge (or so it seems), I am done.

Talk to you all tomorrow.

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