February 3, 2022 – Olean & Houghton, NY onto Charlotte, NC

February 3, 2022 Travels

Today was all about getting out of the way of this storm. Very few pictures today because:
1. Too dangerous to stop in many places.
2. Cannot fly drone in icing conditions.
3. I was really not wanted to get stuck in the ice.

Snow, sleet, ice

I completed my morning inspection in Houghton and promptly headed SOUTH. The goal was to get out of the ice and sleet and put myself within a days driving distance from home. Jesse was following my trip process and I was within miles of the ice line until I got South of West Virginia. Lucked out on that one as I was really not wanting to spend the weekend stuck in New York. I am already booked heavily for Monday in Florida,

I do have one question? How can one highway (interstate) go North and South at the same time in the same direction and who was the drunk fool that came up with this?

North and South at same time

So, it is 10PM and I just got into my hotel in Charlotte. I am exhausted, so I am going to say, “good night” and will be back with you all tomorrow.

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