Day 9 – all over the place

Today is going to be a busy day. Going to try to update this as I go. I am currently sitting in a parking lot around the corner from my 7AM appointment. Yup, got that right…. 7am.

Anyways, what had looked like it was going to be an awful day, turned out pretty well. I beat my all time record of number of claims in one day. Suggested to the office that this was pure luck. Don’t count on it. Fifteen inspections done today, that’s right 15! The traffic Gods and the claim Gods were on my side today.

Used Infrared a ton today with duct issues. Lot’s and lot’s of duct leakage.

Not much else to say. Tonight is a rest day from my workouts. I am waiting on one of my colleagues to finish his drive back to the hotel and we are going to have dinner together. Have talked on the phone but never met, so it will be nice to put a face with a name.

Anyways, see you all tomorrow. Good night

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