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Today's Travels 1/19/2022

Day 3 – Larose, Bourg, Houma, and Raceland

And today I worked Southwest of New Orleans, pretty much down into the worst area of damage.

Had eight inspections today, a combination of HVACi and Strikecheck. It was a good day, everything pretty much on schedule and looked at a little bit of everything.

What’s so awesome about what I do is I have an opportunity to inspect just about everything. Where else can I go that I would be doing technical evaluations of Heating, Air Conditioning, refrigeration, ductwork, ranges (gas and electric), ovens, microwaves, computers, TV’s refrigerators, freezers, ice makers, washers, and dryers. And today we tossed in a few electric guitars, amplifiers, and speakers.

Back in the hotel relaxing. Tomorrow is another day with another set of adventures.

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