Real Estate Evaluations

Real Estate HVAC Evaluations

One of the most frequent statements found on a home inspection report is, “Recommend evaluation of Heating and Air Conditioning system by a Licensed HVAC Contractor. The efficiency and operation of this equipment goes beyond the scope of this inspection.”

That’s right, while most home inspectors are experts on moisture, building practices, home maintenance, and basic electrical code compliance, they do not have the tools, nor the expertise to properly evaluate your new Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Heating, Ductwork, and Refrigeration systems. Licensed and competent HVAC/R (Mechanical) contractors are trained on the specialized tools and equipment needed to do these evaluations.

Here at Christopher Molnar, Mechanical Contractor, we have the tools, the expertise, and the experience to do a thorough evaluation of your new HVAC/R equipment. We are fully licensed and insured. We will provide a complete report detailing all parts of the system, from the electrical, thermostats, compressor, heating, and ductwork. Our readings and evaluation recommendations are backed by the highest quality calibrated test instruments from Fluke and Testo.

We can schedule out real estate evaluations during evening and weekend hours, with little advanced notice. You will find that our rates are fare, and our reports are ready for you prior to us leaving your site. We will fully explain your systems to you, and we welcome you to observe and ask questions during our evaluation.

Should we find any problems we will include a quote on repair or replacement options.

Call us at 863-949-0887 to schedule an appointment with Christopher Molnar.