Regardless of the cause we all know that roof damage does occur and with roof damage there are insurance claims, estimates, and planned repairs or replacements involved. For many of these tasks you have a few options to get good pictures: use Google Earth; have an employee climb up on the roof to take pictures; or use a commercial drone operator to take multiple pictures and map the roof (videos of roof if requested as well).

Google Earth is most likely outdated as the images displayed there are a few years old. Having employees climb ladders and survey the roof opens up possible liability with workman compensation, additional damage, and other accidents. The only way to get good pictures, without placing you, your customers, and the roof in danger is to use a licensed Remote Pilot with a Drone.

Our FAA Licensed Remote Pilots are able to scan a roof at a minimum height of 4 feet using our latest technology. The pilot assigned to your job will discuss the options and heights of inspection. The closer we are the more detail, but the longer it will take you to spot damage that needs to be addressed.