Drone’s capture real time images that the Satellite mapping companies do not. If there is a hurricane, tornado, hail storm, flood, or recent construction it will not be found on Google Earth or Google Streetview. Our remote pilots give you the latest results in a matter of days, not months. One of our valuable services is property mapping. With property mapping we fly a grid over the area to be mapped, then using our backend software we stitch these images together to form different models, each providing a different view of the mapped area.

2D Model:

2D Model – The light area is our mapped area

3D Model:

3D Model

Elevation Model:

Elevation Model

Plant Health Model:

Plant Health Model

Contour Model:

Contour Model

Surface Model:

Surface Model

One of the great features of these maps is that you can request us to run them again at intervals, these interval allow you to compare the area over a period of time. Please call Christopher Molnar, LLC to discuss your project.