Three of the largest Cause of Loss areas for insurance companies across the country are claims for Wind, Hail, and Foreign Object Impact. Using UAVs (Drones) we are able to inspect HVAC/R equipment for signs of these three types of damage. By using high resolution photography our Remote Pilots are able to give you what you need to properly adjudicate the claims. Not only are we able to look at the areas in question but we are able to give you a “bird’s eye view” of the other systems on the roof for comparisons purposes.

By using zoom functionality on each of the photographs you are able to zero in on specific issues, including damage to coils, data plates, condensate issues, curb adapters, and much more. Our technology can also give you video which allows us to show running systems as well.

The following gallery shows a zoomed in view of specific areas of interest for this system.

This Carrier system does not have any data plates that are legible, has coil damage consistent with foreign object impact. Additionally there is a disconnected PVC condensate line under the plenum, and there is significant chance of roof leakage with prior repairs having been made over time. However, there is no signs of recent damage as all damage appears to be over time and is consistent with other units on the roof. There is no hail damage as the cases are not damaged. The roof may have leaks that is causing moisture problems in the area under the package unit.

All of the pictures in these two galleries are supportive of the above.

If the property owner/insured had damage that was consistent with a recent loss it would show as well in the pictures and supporting material. The damage would be new, the metal would not be rusted, and everything would look fresh. The pictures would also show pieces of whatever caused the damage.