Without aerial imaging the commercial real estate market would not be as efficient as it is today. By combining high quality imaging, a broker’s knowledge, and the remote pilot’s skill the use of Drone’s can help you increase your sales and leases. The following is an example of the imaging that is available. Note: This is a demo property and not work done for a client. All work done for clients is their property and we do not share with others.

Google Maps Location

Cardinal images are pictures taken at 8 points around the building at first an altitude of 100 feet, and then 8 more shots taken at an altitude of 300 feet (if Air Space / Air Traffic Control allows, if not we will take at the greatest altitude safely possible). We start from the front and take at each 45 degree point (N, NW, W, SW, S, SE, E, NE). We then repeat that at the higher altitude. The purpose of these images are to show your clients what is around the building as well as the location itself.

Many clients like to see roof images as well so that they can judge the condition of the roofing material. This is especially helpful if the prospective tenant is responsible for roof repairs. We can take from a distance or down to 4′ above the roofing material. The closer we fly to the roof, the more detail, but the more images are needed. Mechanical equipment on the roof will affect how close we are able to fly.

Many clients appreciate seeing a 360 degree panoramic view of the area and property. Many times this can be captured with a single panoramic view, sometimes it takes two. In the examples below click on the image, bring to full screen, click on it and move around with your mouse or by moving phone.

First image is from front of building.

Next image is from rear of buildings (between the two).

Many clients also like to see the orbital video. The drown is flown around the building in a circular pattern that shows all of the surrounding area. Please note, if there is a busy road / highway that we will need to fly over FAA regulations require us to wait for a break in traffic as we may not fly over moving vehicles. Our remote pilots will slow or speed up the motion to allow this break to occur. If there is no possible break we may need to provide more than one video so we can take the drone to the other side of the highway.

Orbital View of Property at 100′

And then finally we are able to create a video showing a detailed view of all sides of the building: North, West, South, and East are the following examples. We call these videos trucking shots, as if you were in a vehicle driving around the building.

North Side:

West Side:

South Side:

East Side:

If you a broker, agent, or property owner, please contact Christopher Molnar at 863-494-0887 to discuss scheduling your project. We can help pick the perfect weather, time of day, and images or videos that will fit your needs. We believe you will be impressed with our quick turn around times.