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2022 Feb 07 to 2022 Feb 12

And this was a week at home in Florida with Jesse and The Pack. This did not mean that I wasn’t busy, and spent a lot of time on the road, but I was home every night.

Started off on Monday with a trip down the Western side of the state to do two Strikecheck inspections in Port Charlotte and Naples. As there are really no interstate highways that make this trip easy it was a little over 6 hours round trip of driving and then 2 hours of on-site time to round out my day.

Monday 2022-Feb-07 Travels

Tuesday I had two inspections, one in Seffner and one in Wimauma, FL. One was an HVAC Investigators inspection and one was a Strikecheck Inspection. Both completed without any issues, and I was able to keep up with a few requests from the office.

Tuesday 2022-Feb-08 Travels

Wednesday was a trip out to Tampa. I worked all day answering requests (tags) from the processors in the office, but I had a doctors appointment that I could not put off. My hematologist needs to see me at least once a year to keep my medical records current, That reminds me, I do need to make an appointment with one of my other specialists out in that direction as well. Sometimes keeping up with doctors is a full-time job in itself.

Wednesday 2022-Feb-09 Travels

Thursday was another long drive day. Again, a tour of Western Florida starting off in New Port Richey and then a three hour drive down to Lehigh Acres, FL. Total drive time was about 7 hours and then about two hours total on the job sites. Traffic was awful most of the day on I-75 and it took much longer than it should have taken. But, we got it all done and took care of the customer and their customers.

Thursday 2022-Feb-10 Travels

Friday came around and I had an inspection over in Vero Beach, Florida. This is about an hour drive out and an hour drive back. About 10 minutes away from the inspection site I received a call from the office letting me know that the insured needed to cancel. Change of plans. I decided to take an early lunch break and go out to Vero Beach beach.

Friday 2022-Feb-11 Travels

The weather was perfect for a little bit of drone photography. And even better, I was able to get ATC (Air Traffic Control) clearance to operate in controlled air space. I will share a few of my pictures here. Make sure you click into the pictures that have VR on them as these are 360 panoramic views and you can look around.

I have some additional videos of this trip on my YouTube playlist. Please, if you like these take a moment and subscribe.
Waves Video
Calm Day at the Beach Video

YouTube also has some Virtual Reality capability I am exploring as well. If you have VR goggles check out these videos:
Virtual Reality YouTube Vero Beach
Virtual Reality YouTube 360 Vero Beach

And with that the week is over. The weekend looks like it is going to be busy with projects around the house as well. I decided to clean out the front flower bed. I may also see if I can get it mulched for one more year. We are thinking about doing rock, but I hesitate because of the heat. Maybe one more year of mulch and then we will see what happens next. Have a great weekend.

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