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30 degrees in Florida

January 30, 2022 – Babson Park, FL

Today was a spend it at home type of Sunday. Woke up to 30 degree temperatures in Central Florida. That is cold in our world. I was up most of the night anyways on and off because of the citrus groves running all of their irrigation pumps all night. Anytime it gets close to freezing they run the pumps and water the groves all night. The water here in Florida is very warm under ground and it keeps the trees from freezing. One of the bee keepers in the area told me the groves are blooming about 5 weeks early. If they freeze it is going to be a major problem for the growers.

Morning Temp of 30 degrees.

First things first in the mornings on weekends I walk The Pack so that Jesse can sleep in for a change and have a break. Gives Jesse a break and allows me to spend some time with the dogs. When I am traveling as much as I have been recently it is tough on human and canine to not have this break. Cold walk this morning. Of course it was important along the way to not only sniff but to analyze every blade of grass. Brrrrrr……

Once I got back from that I continued on my never ending project to update my WordPress site, while the dogs decided to be “flat” for their post-walk, pre-afternoon nap, nap.

This has been a real work in progress as I am having to combine and re-build sites. Because of the number of employment changes in the last year I had to take down both my original personal and company sites. When I began to work at CCCGIQ (HVAC Investigators and StrikeCheck) I had a bunch of advertisement articles on my business site that could be construed a conflict of interest as I was focusing on mechanical (HVAC/R) inspections as well, even though mine were more for the real estate market. I also had a ton of educational material that I had started to put out on my site while at the prior employer of Porter and Chester. All of this material is taking a ton of time to go back, review, reword, and sometimes replace. I do not want to stop contributing to education, and for the most part FREE trade education, but I need to make sure that nothing I put out there sounds like I am speaking for an employer. So, it is just taking time.

I guess this is a good time to address the advertising you are seeing. Yes, I am allowing Google ads to show on the site. The reason for this is that internet and servers cost money. I need to make sure that at least some of the costs are covered on an ongoing basis. Face it, equipment breaks down, hard drives eventually fail, and all of this I need to plan in advance for. So, Google ads? Yes, they give me a very very little of something towards operational costs.

Anyways, I was able to finish re-uploading and organizing scanned copies of all of my certificates into their appropriate pages. Now I can finally “file” the paper copies in a box someplace and get them out of my office. Eventually I need to just break down and toss some of them, but not yet. I also was able to re-write my solar inspection page. This is something important for all solar system owners to be aware of as you can have broken panels and not know it unless you feel like crawling all over your roof.

Check out my progress:
: Licenses, Certifications, and Training
: Solar System Inspection

I still don’t think I got everything done that I was trying to get done. But that happens sometimes and I got distracted along the way. Ended up being a beautiful afternoon and I re-did some of my solar inspection pictures as it was so nice.

All done, sitting here doing my blog post for the day and then I am going to go nap with The Pack and watch a bit of TV before I Monday rolls around. Check in next week as it is going to be an interesting week.

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