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January 27, 2022 – Miami, Pembroke Pines, Delray Beach, FL

Long day today. Headed down to Miami to start my day off for an HVACi inspection. I always try to get to the furthest point first and work my way home. Especially when if involves Miami.

Following my Miami inspection Started back North along the Florida Turnpike to Pembroke Pines for another HVACi inspection. Finally further North and closer to home for a Strikecheck electrical inspection, and also added an HVACi inspection once I saw the electrical damage.

For privacy reasons I never identify locations or addresses on any of my pictures, nor do I ever leave a serial number identifiable. Also, I make sure that my pictures that I share on my blog are actually screen captures of the actual pictures to eliminate any geographical/GPS information that is embedded by my phones.

Having said that, I share three pictures in below. Just curious, how many code violations can you identify in these pictures? What else could possibly go wrong? All I can say, this was done by a licensed professional. For my HVAC/R friends, don’t be that guy on your own installations. It would probably be embarrassing to find pictures of your work on my blog. All three of these pictures are from a single unit. They all add up to an accident waiting to happen.

Picture of bad wiring, code violation, and poor workmanship of a package air conditioning unit.
Don’t be that guy picture 1
Picture of poor workmansip of a breaker/disconnect in a package unit.
Don’t be that guy picture 2
Picture of code violations of a disconnect box.
Don’t be that guy picture 3

Finally got home around 7pm after a round trip of 423 miles. Tomorrow is an easy day with a single inspection, which is a good thing, since I need to start getting myself ready for next week’s fun and excitement.

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