You are currently viewing January 26, 2022 – St. Cloud, Palm Bay, and Port St Lucie, FL

January 26, 2022 – St. Cloud, Palm Bay, and Port St Lucie, FL

The story of my day was, “where is the sun?”. Take a look around in the panoramic view below, absolutely no sun anywhere. This was all day. We are now 48 hours of drizzle.

My travel for today started at home, went to St. Cloud, FL where I inspected a solar system that had been hit by lightning. I found one of the best examples I have seen about what lightning does to a solar panel, beautiful track lines, spider, not cracked inside, but melted silicon. The nice thing about lightning damage? You cannot fake this. Everyone that tries to fake lightning damage fails because you cannot successfully fake nature.

Picture of lightning damage on a solar panel.
Lightning affect of solar panel

Anyways, after the inspection in St. Cloud I went onto an HVAC inspection in Palm Bay. Standard inspection, system not working properly, Maintenance makes a big difference. Completed without issues. Had some additional time so I picked up an inspection of wet appliances (water pipe broke) in Port St. Lucie, FL.

Map of travels for January 26, 2022. St Cloud, Palm Bay, Port St Lucie, Florida.
Travels for January 26, 2022

Got back home around 4:30 and spent another hour on the phone with one of our technicians doing some coaching and then had about another hour of “paperwork” to do (well, digital paperwork).

Time to sit back and relax with The Pack.

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