How much money are you wasting?

Do you like paying for power that is being used to cool Florida?
Do you like feeling warm drafts and warm spots in your home all Summer with your air condition set to a low temperature?
Do you like to hear your Air Conditioning running non-stop and not getting cool enough?
Do you like feeling muggy and humid in your own home?
Do you like having more smells and odors in your home than you think you should?

If you answered no to any of these questions you need to call us at Christopher Molnar, LLC and request Blower Door testing. Call us at 863-949-0887 or visit our online appointment site at:

Blower Door test equipment.
Installed and testing from the inside.
Installed and testing from the outside.
8.1 air changes per hour (ACH) is too high. Number should be as close to 3 as possible. Not lower, but not a lot higher. Minimum code requirements for new construction is between 3 and 7 however the larger the number the more money you waste.

and click on Appointments.

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