Hurricane Irma

We are located in Polk County, Florida. We are currently in the opening stages of Hurricane Irma hitting Central Florida. All of our service areas in Polk, Lake, and Hillsborough Counties are being affected by this storm. We are currently unable to provide any emergency service as it would be unsafe to be on the roads and additionally we would be unable to purchase gasoline or necessary parts.

Our plan is that once the storm leaves the area will will evaluate each and every request based on our expected ability to travel safely to the location. We are facing a storm that has not been experienced in many years and we have to be concerned about downed power lines, tree limbs, as well as fuel and parts purchases.

If your HVACR equipment is damaged or submerged please turn the power off at the breaker. It is far easier to fix and restart any electrical equipment if you have disconnected power to it before it was submerged. Do not power the equipment back up until it has been dried and checked by a professional.

Please stay safe!

Once the storm is over please call us at 863-949-0887 – we can help.


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