Day 6 – Goodbye Phoenix, Hello Tuscon

Day 6 of my trip took me out of Phoenix, then way East to Kearny, AZ, and then worked my way South to Tuscon. I loved the drive out to Kearny. If I didn’t have a number of appointments I would have probably spent some more time poking around the back roads. Hey, I have a 4-WD truck as a rental, what good is it if I don’t use it. But, alas, this is a business trip.

As always I met some interesting people, had some interesting conversations, learned a whole lot about peoples lives as they told me the life story when I asked, “can you tell me what happened?” No, seriously this is OK because I learn so much about local issues, politics, schools, sports, neighbors… you get the point.

Because timezones kill me, I was up way before dawn so I was able to get some early morning sunrise pictures. Take a look, and remember those with the VR are panoramic views and you can click into them to get full 360 views.

Then onto Kearny where I stopped in a number of places to get some pictures and kill some time because I was running way early.

And some sort of neat (or at least I think so) 360 Panoramic views. For a for a few of these, I was ABOVE the drone as it was down in a gully on the side of the mountain.

Finally in for the evening in Tuscon, Arizona. I will check in with you all tomorrow evening at my next stop. Let’s just say, “headed West.”

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Day 5 – Last Day in Phoenix

And we bring day 5 of my trip to a close. It was my last day in Phoenix and unlike yesterday it was smooth sailing all day. Started off with an 8 system hail inspection on an office complex roof, some really great scenery from that roof. Here are a few pictures.

Then moved onto a commercial chiller, which made me actually think a little, and then moved onto 4 different residential claims to finish off the day. I was all over the place today, I think wrapping up the hard to schedule claims. Also, managed to take care of all my tags (Technical Field Manger requests when a processor needs some technical help to write a report) without having to hand any of them off.

I left the hotel this morning earlier than planned in order to get some morning pictures of the mountains. Didn’t quite make dawn, but still got some nice pictures. Remember to click into the VR pics so you can see the full 360 degree views.

I will see you tomorrow in Tuscon.

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Day 4 – Phoenix, Phoenix, and more Phoenix

Thursday arrived with a bang this morning, no seriously. I started off my morning finding out that IT was “experimenting” with new security settings on our office platform and somehow in the process changed my rights so that I could no longer add systems when doing inspections. I lost a significant amount of time this morning dealing with and trying to work around that problem. I was about ready to throw my phone, laptop, other phone, etc anyplace. They finally got it fixed and all back to normal, thanks folks.

Sometimes you just have to do a “reset” around lunch time once something like this happens.

So, spent the day doing 3 or 4 (I forget now) commercial HVAC claim inspections, and then two residential inspections. Then came back to hotel and cleaned up, my last claim was interesting, and then went to find a grocery store. I have stayed at this hotel for a number of visits and never have found a good grocery. Well, I went and found one. Would have never guessed where it actually was.

On the way back from the grocery found a neat place to get some pics with the drone, no I do not leave home without it because there are so many things to see out there. Here are a few, and remember those with VR on the image you can move them around, click on them, do neat things with them and your phone, and in general get a good 360 or 180 degree view, up down, and all around.

Good night for now, and see you all tomorrow. I am beat. This was my travels for today:

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Day 3 – Cincinnati, Houston, and Phoenix

Today was a day of travel. Early start to the day in Cincinnati to catch an 8:15am flight to Houston. Arrived in Houston around 9:30, and my flight to Phoenix does not leave until 1:12pm.

Some pictures coming into Houston.

Some pictures showing the smoke from the CA wildfires along the way.

Upon arrival at Phoenix I went through the usual luggage, rental car pickup, and then had to rush out of the airport to go do an inspection South of Phoenix that has been lingering. Here is a picture from the roof of the building I was on. What a difference in scenery from yesterday.

After I was done with my inspection, I took some time to take some pictures of the mountains and the smoke that is rolling in from California. Air quality is awful right now.

Then back to the hotel to answer a ton of email, call home and talk with Jesse, and try and figure out what happened to my perfectly planned trip while I was in the air. Yes, there have been some changes, but you will get a chance to see what they are later this week.

I start with a very busy day tomorrow morning at 8.

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