Day 8 – Out of the desert?

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Started off the day with inspections in Indio, CA. It was 94 degrees when I started my day, way too hot. I have decided that the desert is a nice place to visit, but I would not want to live there. It was supposed to hit 108 again there. My second inspection was a homeowner who’s HVAC system died on the 120 degree day they had back in June. 120 degrees? Way too hot.

Leaving Indio I passed through Palm Springs, and saw their massive wind farms.

Then, I went on to Lake Arrowhead, CA which included 17 miles up (and then afterwards) back down a mountain with switchbacks and emergency truck ramps.

Once off the mountains I moved onto La Verne, CA where I had to inspect an evaporative cooler on a mobile home. For those that don’t know, evaporative coolers blow outside air across a wet pad and that cools the air. Only work in extremely dry environments. Once it gets humid they do not work anymore.

Finally my last claim of the day was in Pasadena, CA which was my “welcome to the LA area traffic jam.” Really nice insured who has been living without A/C for the last month because he was worried about turning it on because smoke from the forest fires may have damaged it. Nope, all good to go. He was happy to be feeling cool as I left it running when I left.

Got into my hotel and poked around a bit while I was trying to find the grocery stores. Here are a few pictures of the area around me.

And with that I will see you tomorrow from near LAX getting ready for my return home on Wednesday.