Day 6 – Goodbye Phoenix, Hello Tuscon

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Day 6 of my trip took me out of Phoenix, then way East to Kearny, AZ, and then worked my way South to Tuscon. I loved the drive out to Kearny. If I didn’t have a number of appointments I would have probably spent some more time poking around the back roads. Hey, I have a 4-WD truck as a rental, what good is it if I don’t use it. But, alas, this is a business trip.

As always I met some interesting people, had some interesting conversations, learned a whole lot about peoples lives as they told me the life story when I asked, “can you tell me what happened?” No, seriously this is OK because I learn so much about local issues, politics, schools, sports, neighbors… you get the point.

Because timezones kill me, I was up way before dawn so I was able to get some early morning sunrise pictures. Take a look, and remember those with the VR are panoramic views and you can click into them to get full 360 views.

Then onto Kearny where I stopped in a number of places to get some pictures and kill some time because I was running way early.

And some sort of neat (or at least I think so) 360 Panoramic views. For a for a few of these, I was ABOVE the drone as it was down in a gully on the side of the mountain.

Finally in for the evening in Tuscon, Arizona. I will check in with you all tomorrow evening at my next stop. Let’s just say, “headed West.”