Day 5 – Last Day in Phoenix

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And we bring day 5 of my trip to a close. It was my last day in Phoenix and unlike yesterday it was smooth sailing all day. Started off with an 8 system hail inspection on an office complex roof, some really great scenery from that roof. Here are a few pictures.

Then moved onto a commercial chiller, which made me actually think a little, and then moved onto 4 different residential claims to finish off the day. I was all over the place today, I think wrapping up the hard to schedule claims. Also, managed to take care of all my tags (Technical Field Manger requests when a processor needs some technical help to write a report) without having to hand any of them off.

I left the hotel this morning earlier than planned in order to get some morning pictures of the mountains. Didn’t quite make dawn, but still got some nice pictures. Remember to click into the VR pics so you can see the full 360 degree views.

I will see you tomorrow in Tuscon.