Day 4 – Phoenix, Phoenix, and more Phoenix

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Thursday arrived with a bang this morning, no seriously. I started off my morning finding out that IT was “experimenting” with new security settings on our office platform and somehow in the process changed my rights so that I could no longer add systems when doing inspections. I lost a significant amount of time this morning dealing with and trying to work around that problem. I was about ready to throw my phone, laptop, other phone, etc anyplace. They finally got it fixed and all back to normal, thanks folks.

Sometimes you just have to do a “reset” around lunch time once something like this happens.

So, spent the day doing 3 or 4 (I forget now) commercial HVAC claim inspections, and then two residential inspections. Then came back to hotel and cleaned up, my last claim was interesting, and then went to find a grocery store. I have stayed at this hotel for a number of visits and never have found a good grocery. Well, I went and found one. Would have never guessed where it actually was.

On the way back from the grocery found a neat place to get some pics with the drone, no I do not leave home without it because there are so many things to see out there. Here are a few, and remember those with VR on the image you can move them around, click on them, do neat things with them and your phone, and in general get a good 360 or 180 degree view, up down, and all around.

Good night for now, and see you all tomorrow. I am beat. This was my travels for today: