Day 3 – Cincinnati, Houston, and Phoenix

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Today was a day of travel. Early start to the day in Cincinnati to catch an 8:15am flight to Houston. Arrived in Houston around 9:30, and my flight to Phoenix does not leave until 1:12pm.

Some pictures coming into Houston.

Some pictures showing the smoke from the CA wildfires along the way.

Upon arrival at Phoenix I went through the usual luggage, rental car pickup, and then had to rush out of the airport to go do an inspection South of Phoenix that has been lingering. Here is a picture from the roof of the building I was on. What a difference in scenery from yesterday.

After I was done with my inspection, I took some time to take some pictures of the mountains and the smoke that is rolling in from California. Air quality is awful right now.

Then back to the hotel to answer a ton of email, call home and talk with Jesse, and try and figure out what happened to my perfectly planned trip while I was in the air. Yes, there have been some changes, but you will get a chance to see what they are later this week.

I start with a very busy day tomorrow morning at 8.