Besides his work life, Dr. Christopher Molnar has a very active private life as well. He is actively involved with Greyhound Adoption and Racing. He has three retired greyhound racers that bless his Willington, CT home. He spends most of his vacation time visiting the farms, the adoption programs, and the racing kennels around the country. You will find him on these trips transporting retired greyhounds to adoption groups around the Northeast.  Christopher also helps maintain the records of current and former racers that are found on and thus allows adopters and breeders to track the greyhounds through racing and retirement.

Christopher has also been active in amateur Greyhound events in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Florida.  While his retirees right now are too old to participate any longer he looks forward to the day his soon-to-be active racing Greyhound will be ready to leave the sand tracks of West Virginia and Florida to once again participate in the field races in New Hampshire and Pennsylvania.

Besides his travels and work with the greyhounds, Christopher enjoy’s working on his property in Northeastern Connecticut. It is his own corner of the world that he shares with his partner, their dogs, and a cat. Always a relaxing place to return to after his frequent travels.